Project, Client and Job Costing Records
Storage of the Project, Client and Job Costing Records is at the heart of any integrated system.  The illustrated system is Project centric, but this could easily be replaced by Order Number, or the focus could be moved to the Client or other Business Partner.

All data entry is through easy to use dialogs with default entry and error checking as appropriate.  Where existing data is available we can usually import and integrate this information in the new system.

When the system includes the datastore folder option, the folder names and sub folder structure will be automatically generated from your standard templates each time a new Project (or Client or Order Number if appropriate) is created.

We have developed a number of bespoke Project Control and Job Costing Systems for Consulting Engineers and other professionals who need to accurately record project information.  The majority operate across the office network allowing management to quickly access project reports.  We have also extended some systems to allow time sheet entry and location of project information via a web browser, thus allowing direct access from remote office or even home.

In each case we will use the most appropriate technology, though full consideration will also be given to existing software licences held by the client.  

For more details on such systems please refer to the Job Costing section.

The databases that can be used Project, Client and Job Costing Records system The Datastore for all project documents The integration with other Applications Making project information available to all staff Allowing staff to input timesheets from their desktop Using a browser environment for remote data input and retrieval Automating the generation of Project related emails, letters, faxes, reports etc. The integration with Microsoft Outlook

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