Enhanced Outlook
ClearDESK can provide a number of additional functions to Outlook 2000 to allow the easy handling of both received and sent emails, with and without attachments. For example an additional toolbar button for:

Storage of emails from Outlook folders, such as Inbox, in the Project Datastore using standard naming conventions. The name of the file would default to the email title with the date sent appended. If the file already exists there will be options to overwrite or rename. The senders name would be entered into the file author properties to allow easy grouping when searching later.

Division of emails with attachments on storage such that the text and attachment(s) can be stored in separate locations. When an email with attachment(s) is filed, in addition to the functions described above, the user will be prompted for a location to store the attachment. If the file already exists there will be options to overwrite or rename. This name and location will then be appended to the email text to provide traceability. This process will be repeated for any further attachments.

The databases that can be used Project, Client and Job Costing Records system The Datastore for all project documents The integration with other Applications Making project information available to all staff Allowing staff to input timesheets from their desktop Using a browser environment for remote data input and retrieval Automating the generation of Project related emails, letters, faxes, reports etc. The integration with Microsoft Outlook

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