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(2017 Caen stone, h.46cm x w.30cm) 

(2016 gala pink/kilkenny black, h.22cm x w.40cm) 

(2016 hoptonwood/carrara marble, h.68cm x w.29cm) 

occupying spirit 6
(2016 polyphant/carrara marble, h.68cm x w.29cm) 

chubby blue
(2016 savoie blue marble, h.52cm x w.36cm) 

the kiss
(2015 granite, h.112cm x w.38cm) 

the deeper sea
(2013 granite, h.53cm x w.46cm) 

loving 2
(2013 granite, h.52cm x w.61cm) 

(2012 granite, h.43cm x w.55cm) 

hollow shoulder 2
(2012 granite, h.62cm x w.55cm) 

dream of roguennic 2
(2012 Granite, h.60cm x w.30cm) 

dream of roguennic
(2011 granite/carrara marble, h.51cm x w.38cm) 

things you can't get anywhere 2
(2009 caen stone/cauterets marble, h.40cm x w.33cm) 

occupying spirit 5
(2007 carrara/ancaster stone, h.40cm x w.26cm) 

occupying spirit 2
(2006 carrara/hoptonwood stone, h.40cm x w.44cm) 

sleepyhead 4
(2006 hoptonwood stone, h.24cm x w.35cm) 

occupying spirit
(2006 carrara/hoptonwood stone, h.41cm x w.68cm) 

sleepyhead 3
(2006 Hoptonwood stone, h.25cm x w.65cm) 

sleepyhead 2
(2005 hoptonwood stone, l.48cm h.20cm) 

on the beach
(2005 caen stone, l.34cm h.23cm) 


(2002 caen stone, h54cm) 

little salome
(2000 cauterets marble,28cm) 

baby's got blue eyes
(2002 caen stone, pigments) 

sometimes my arms bend back 5
(2001 caen stone) 

don't talk to me about life
(2001 caen stone) 

hollow shoulder
(1996 caen stone/pigments) 

things you can't get anywhere
(1996 caen stone/pigments) 

(1993, caen stone h55cm) 

salome dancing
(1999 cauterets marble) 

family 2
(1994 caen stone) 

(1994 caen stone, h38cm) 

there's always music in the air
(1997 caen stone) 

mother and child
(1999 caen stone)