We recognise that time sheets and recording of associated project expenses are a distraction for all professionals, but without them there would be no fee income. At ClearDESK we want to minimise the time you spend and aggravation caused by this most necessary bureaucracy.

ClearDESK can create you a whole job costing system for use by all your professional staff, whatever category of IT usage they fall within:

We will create simple time sheet entry forms that can even take real time data from the desktop if so desired. Recording of associated costs such as printing or drawing production can be entered from simple pick lists. Out-of-pocket and subsistence expenses can be allocated to a project at the click of a button. All time sheets and expenses can then be approved electronically by authorised personnel.

The entire system will be tailored to your company way of working.  The final reports will be in your house style, together with links to your other existing management and business systems, if so required.

Using standard industry systems we will provide you with a fully documented system tailored to your requirements.


Many consultants still rely on an individual to enter time sheets weekly or monthly from hand-written or printed time sheets. We can offer an interface which will make this operation as simple as possible, automatically completing project details and the date, leaving only the time to be entered.  For those that record the activity type, this can also be entered from a user defined selection.

Time sheet input

However, for those who wish to reduce data entry still further, the time spent can be entered directly by the professional, with a separate authorisation facility if so required. In such circumstances we would suggest either:

a "browser" interface might be suitable, thus allowing entry via the company Intranet.

Time sheet input

or  a client desk top application, thus allowing entry via the company network:

or automatic import from Excel spreadsheets.  ClearDESK can provide an Excel template which will read the project numbers from the central system and then import the completed timesheet information at the end of the week or month as appropriate.  There is no need for a direct connection between the Excel file and the main server, thus allowing true remote completion of an individual time sheet

Whichever option you choose, you will also be able to immediately view a person's time sheet for any given period, week, month or year.


Disbursements can be entered in a similar manner to timesheets with each entry stored against a project and if so desired by a member of staff at the same time as their time sheet. Again immediate information on disbursement expenditure by project or member of staff is possible.

Fee Type

For each project there are three, or may be more, possible fee types:

Based on the different fee types the system can use a different method to calculate the Work in Progress. The Work in Progress calculation will be agreed to suit your monitoring techniques.

In the case of the Fixed Fee options we can provide a Target Cost Assessment facility to allow accurate monitoring of time expended against the fee earned, based on progress and the agreed fixed fee.

Project Details input


Charge Bands

Each member of staff can have a Cost rate, including or excluding overhead, and a number of different charge band rates. Once a project is given a particular charge band, all time expended will be charged at the appropriate rate.  Charge bands for each member of staff can be changed at any time, not just the annual pay review.

Creating a new Charge Band


Project Reports

For accurate management control, the system can produce the project reports that you require. Full sorting and filtering facilities are available whether it be a single line per project giving summary details or a detailed project history identifying every transaction; time, disbursement, invoice, cash received etc… The contents of each column in a report and the method for calculation of salient figures can be customised to suit you method of management. Work in Progress being of particularly importance, but only when calculated to your specification.

Reports can be sent to third party applications, such as Excel for easier manipulation of processing, if required.

Invoicing, Cash Received and Credit Control

The invoicing and cash received can be integrated with your accounting system or kept entirely separate. Whichever route is taken you can be assured that it will be designed to meet your needs. The fully integrated solution will not only generate invoices in your house style but also produce aged debtors lists and issue credit control reminders as required.

Invoicing details form


Financial Reports

In addition to project orientated reports the system would produce the following:

Legacy Data

Unless you are starting a new business or have never attempted to computerise your job costing, it is very likely that you will have existing data which needs to be transferred. At ClearDESK we will work closely with you to ensure that your old data is transferred to the new system. Spending time with you to ensure that all relevant data is transferred, but not wasting effort transferring information which is no longer required and will just be superfluous.


The system will be developed to your specification. Therefore the system will not be subject to multiple licence costs; it will be yours to use as is necessary within your business. 


We develop a product to meet the agreed specification.  We include six months support to allow time for correcting problems that may occur, and also to provide users with support in using the product. Beyond that period we will always be available at the end of a phone for general advice, and will be pleased to provide enhancements and modifications either on a fixed fee or time basis.

Existing Users 

ClearDESK has many clients, generally civil and structural engineering consultancies, who are each using their own personalised system. For more details please see our client details.

If you would like to speak to reference sites please contact us for further information.

How to proceed?

A typical project to implement such a system will include:


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