ClearDESK is proud to have worked with the following companies:

Job Costing Systems for Consulting Engineers
We have developed a number of bespoke Job Costing Systems for Consulting Engineers and other professionals who need to accurately record time and disbursements expended against projects.  The majority operate across the office network allowing management to quickly access project reports.  We have also extended some systems to allow time sheet entry and location of project information via a web browser or a stand alone Excel spreadsheet, thus allowing direct access from remote office or even home.

Our clients include:
Bettridge Turner
Boyer Planning
Cameron + Ross
Clarke Nicholls and Marcel
David French Partnership
Deakin Walton Consulting Engineers
Dossor Group
Eastwood and Partners
Gurney Consulting Engineers
Knapp Hicks and Partners
Premier Energy Services
Price & Myers Consulting Engineers
Smith Baxter Limited
Tony Gee & Partners
Thomason Partnership
Tully De'Ath Consulting Engineers

Company information Intranets and Extranets
We work closely with the following companies to produce Intranets or Extranets for the dissemination and collection of information within the company or with their business partners.

Our clients include:
Aspen Consulting Engineers
Card Connections

If your interest is fine wine then you might like to visit the Fine and Rare Wine site that we host and develop for them.  However most of the development undertaken by ClearDESK is not visible via their website. We develop and maintain their broker systems which allow you to always see the latest stock available and request a copy of the latest tasting notes. The entire broking and order processing system has been developed specifically for FRW by ClearDESK.

Market Research systems
We have been contracted, by Adelphi International Research, to develop and host an on-line medical research program.  This has required close co-operation with their International agents and their UK based data analysts.  We have also implemented for Adelphi a number bespoke booking, tracking and project management systems, using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with a VB interface and  Microsoft Project, as appropriate.

We have been contracted, by MSTS Ltd, to develop a bespoke Consumer Panel Database. This has been developed to their unique specification in Microsoft Access to produce a cost effective, easily adaptable system

On line quiz and bulletin board
We have developed and hosted the annual schools quiz and web development competition, for the Science Research Council, every year between 1999 and 2004 inclusive.  Working closely with TBK Design we have been responsible for all technical aspects of the site.

Journalist Newsroom
We have developed and hosted, an online Newsroom for Trade Partners UK.  Working closely with TBK Design Group we have produced a system which will allow their PR Consultant, Prowse & Co, to quickly post all News Releases to the web site and then email those journalists who have registered an interest.  The journalist registration and automatic emailing system  is an integral part of the system, allowing Prowse to be in contact with all interested journalists within minutes of the News Release being posted.  To ensure that all updates are timely, the administration functions have been incorporated into a separate, secure web based administration system

We will always use the appropriate technology for your business, using, and integrating with, your current systems.

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